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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 30, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> hip hi, everybod grer grep great videgrg this minute.p>> a do> abandabandon housp on his head. oone goep one goes abo of r to g happy ending. a practipa practice one go a hitch. >> not exactly. r >> s>> see thp >> st statiop station, bs not ju vehicp vehicle thichow h a cr ofp plus, who needs e friends like this?
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aand ar and ap and an donut thief p>> eat it, >p. p >> mep viral hit aviral ther their han thei new donuts.r p this chchowr chow mip cho s whr wh when swhen car e humahumane humane soc is she looked. r>> thpp received a r a livip livi abandonphad ah on her head. p >> o, tp to rescue the d drivp driver sadrivp easea williwilling tp willing wi help. >> oh. r >> y that right throu t th the withe window t
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in the room. she was so hungry. she wr she wshe wap i food. >> certain death. p >> th>> they don't know was r was was on her w have pshe ran when the house. r he finallp he final>>, andr and i s and i s i likr like, tp like, th house. gr got h got her o con lr led her tried to ge tr tp the jarring thvt . p >> she w>> sheas heavy, yyou coulp you could heyoue yyou coul plastic jug, poppipopping th popping thg out. p >> thatr>> breathing. r he takep he takes he a alpall it a little bi lubricanp lubricant, a easi the jarp>> looks li>> n relativet health so i ho not on long. >> aftp >> after >>examinatd
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heaheart worp to clear her olip olive olive is happy r as here, she was happy like this. smiling. >> cute dog. ? so cute. r > ap >> a 3-year-o absolute absolutelyabsolute happy the ha to rescue her. >> thr >> t >> t this honda frompi like hondasi , must must be a great bike. not exactly. practicing for the hill climb, anr andp and, oand, ooh could have. worse. r as y that section,p righp right, aright, and l ca from. di it.eap yeah, yyeah, you can' p because tbecause the nearr nearly p nearly m, aand jefp and jeff gra not sufferi injuries. r >> the >> t>> there a whp when yo a motorcycl. thr this p this is not e
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exper expect orexpect yoursep yourselp flying fl nowhere. r > er comg out the woodwoods, motorcycl w would h thought? >> on vacation for the world cup, he's intoxicated, near the pedestrian crossing, and streets are empty, wide open. >> oh, geez. >> there's nobody there. >> wow. >> he walked into the bike. it was like he was trying to. >> hard to tell if he has the right of way or not. we don't believe so. we have the car going down the street, and this tourist it hit by the motorcycle, and the motorcycle, however, takes off, does not stop to check on the guy, and that man suffered injuries, had a broken arm, and other cuts and bruises to his head and face, and you see other people quickly come over to tend to that guy, but the rider later turned himself in. raise your hand if growing up, your parents said to you
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something like, oh, if all your friends are jumping off a bridge, would you jump off the bridge too? if your friends jump off the cliff, would you too? can't say that to people who jump off cliffs because their friends do it, and they do it too. that's what they are doing. friendship is important. a group of base jumpers. this is not your standard base jump launch. here's how they are going to launch their buddy, blake, off the cliff. this was blake's idea. >> oh, that's crazy! oh, my gosh, remember when you had that done as a kid, and the parents fling you on the couch, but they are throwi ining him o the cliff. what if it's not far enough. >> that was the practice run, just the practice of the swing. here they go. >> one, two, three! >> oh, they just launch him off, throw him off, and the dude with the camera jumps after him
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because we have to see him go down, right? >> that's goat to be disorienting for him because you're not in control of anything at that point. you have been thrown, and now you have to orient your body in a way you don't fly into a cliff. >> right. >> but, of course, they get down to the bottom, totally stoked. >> and i got to point out, it's beautiful. looks like an infield, and look at the background, gorgeous. greatest fear. check this surveillance video out from a gas station in louisiana, a father pulls into this gas station with a friend who is actually driving a different car, one to fill up, both pull in. while one of them goes to put gas in the vehicle, leaves the keys inside. >> bad idea. never do that. >> especially in that case because you see another vehicle
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pull up. you see one of the men in that vehicle get out of the car, walk over to the vehicle that has the keys inside, jumps right in, and drives right off, but it's not just the vehicle. there's a 2-year-old girl in the vehicle. >> the guy was there to steal a car, didn't look to see if there was anybody else in the car. >> yeah, now fortunately the friend was in the other vehicle, saw what happened, notify his friend, tried to chase down the vehicle, but they were unsuccessful. the girl was found by a good samaritan who took the girl to the police station, reunited with her dad, taken to the hospital for observation, but seem to be okay. check out this other video in which an suv backs up, rams through the door of this convenience store, and police are looking for both of them.
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>> no accidents, this is not an accident, this is breaking and entering. >> that is correct. all four. >> come on, man. i'm assuming the truck is stolen, right? >> i'm not sure it is. police believe they dealt with that same vehicle before, and it also has fake license plates. >> why am trying to justify it? nevermind. i don't get it. >> they are idiots. a strange scene caught on dash cam. that is a police officer holding on to a motorcyclist. >> oh. >> see how the long arm of the law proves to be very strong. and youtube megastar decided to sing about her dog jumping. ♪ well i know it seems odd ♪ to sing a song to your dog why she wrote the ode next. hey there.
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i'm at the ktvu newsroom with more breaking news. yet another fire burning in san jose. news chopper 2 over the scene of a second fire burning in south san jose. this one actually on the los lagos golf course. if you are not familiar, we're talking about the area that's at center and east capital expressway in san jose just west of 101. we did speak with the people in charge of the golf course. the people there tell us that golfers are actually still golfing despite the fact that there is a fire there on the golf course. as we've been monitoring this live picture in our newsroom for the past several minutes we have actually seen some people there playing on the fairway but news chopper 2 is giving us a wider picture. you can see an awful lot of smoke coming from the area. we don't see a lot of active orange flaism but if you stop the picture and look at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen you do see active orange flame burning through what appears to be brush.
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so again these are flames. a small corner of the fire. we don't know exactly how many acres have burned. take a look at what's going through. we are talking about just that brown, dry, yellow grass. we have been talking for months now about how extremely dry it is all over the bay area due to the california drought. of course, right now is perhaps the very hottest time of the day. temperatures getting to be very high there in san jose. so keep in mind this is a fire that's happening right now. again, breaking news, news chopper 2 giving us a live look at flames on los lagos golf course. when we spoke to the golf course people they told us people are still playing. keep in this mind, fur seeing smoke coming up from the area of center and east capital expressway, just west of 101 in san jose this is likely the source of that smoke. it is a fire there on the golf course. now, will you remember not even an hour ago we brought you news
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of another fire in san jose, and these are taped pictures taken just minutes ago of the first fire we reported on earlier this afternoon. this one is in south san hoe zane the area of santa teresa county park on the north side of that park at curry drive and curry court. news chopper 2 was over this scene not long after the fire first started just before 2:00 today. and we saw this happen. a fair retardant dropped a number of times throughout the afternoon. keep in mind these pictures are on tape, happening just minutes ago. we did speak with cal fire, and we have new information for you on this fire. we now know that at least 50 acres have burned and that cal fire is taking the lead, being assisted by santa clara fire. we understand some homes are threatened but we don't have an exact number or location. you see here another water drop bey a firefighting helicopter there. we do understand that evacuations are underway. we're working to get you an
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exact number on how many people have been told to leave their homes. we do know that scenic view court has been evacuated, also benzo drive. but keep in mind this first fire, what appears to be much larger, has now burned through at least 50 acres in the north side of santa teresa county park, curry drive and curry court is where it started. evacuations are underway at scenic view court, perhaps benzo drive. if this is your neighborhood you may be seeing police come to your door and tell to you get your things and get out in a hurry if you are driving in the area we're talking about 85 and 101 this is the smoke that you are seeing rising from the fire. as we watch these pictures and we also remember the live pictures we brought awe moment ago, let's go ahead and bring in our meteorologist, rosemary orozco. this is one of the hottest parts of the day, and it is extremely dry, is it not? >> you said it, gasia.
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very hot, very dry out there. relative humidity is anywhere from 20% to 25%. two of the elements that, of course, will impact the fire behavior. i will say, though, the winds have picked up just a bit, 10 to 20 miles per hour, but not too bad. and that is actually a positive thing because as we know, wind can play a huge factor in whether or not this fire moves quickly or if new fires are started because of the wind. so the good news on that front, the winds still generally light but very hot, very dry. here we are, just the start of summer, and those moisture levels resemble more like mid- october. so definitely a tough one out there, gasia. >> rosemary, we're in the seeing those really heavy gusty winds that tend to clear out the smoke in a hurry. we seat rising, not quite straight up, but it is lingering in the area. what concerns might that pose for those people who have breathing problems or issues with air quality? >> that's definitely a good
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point, gasia. you definitely want to close your windows if you even smell smoke. you don't even have to see the smoke. if you smell it, a good idea to close your windows, close your doors. the smoke is rising but there is an inversion in the air. sometimes we take a long shot, and you can almost see that that rising air is stopped bia layer of warmer air that subpoena above. it almost looks like a lid, and then it starts to drift outward. so there is an inversion layer in the air today, and that is keeping that smoke sort of close to the ground. so, gasia, definitely a good idea that you mentioned that. >> good to keep in mind. thank you so much, meteorologist rosemary orozco. as we stay on top of this breaking news, let me describe the pictures. the left-hand side, those are pictures on tape, taken just minutes ago of the fire that's burning north of santa teresa county park. the smaller picture on the right-hand side of your screen, those are live pictures from news chopper 2, the scene of that fire. we're seeing active orange flame in the middle of that little picture. that's at the los lagos golf
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course at center and east capital expressway west of 101. so to recap, fire crews actively trying to put out both fires. the larger picture on the left is from video at the same time we know that cal fire is in charge of battling that fire. at least 50 acres have burned. there are evacuations in effect now. san jose pd going home to home, telling people to get their things and get out in a hurry. the smaller picture on the right-hand side, that's live look at the fire burning at los lagos golf course. minutes ago the golf course said that people are still playing. as we keep on both of these stories, we post updates immediately on as well as facebook and twitter. we'll have live crews on channel 2 news at 5:00.
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guys, i got here two videos
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of couples supposed to be cute. they do not go as planned. first, girl's got water balloons, dude sleeping on the couch, classic prank. >> yeah? >> oh! >> smashes him in the face. >> that was the worst water balloon toss ever. >> fill it up. if you look the the balloons she has in the sink, they are like tiny, barely filled them up, and smacks himal in the face. >> now, the next one, a couple having a great time by the beach. you see they are far from the water, in the dry sand. the guy says he and michelle were having their final moment on the beach and were going to take one last video, except,
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oops! the rogue waves. i've learned on "right this minute" over the years that big cats like water, and when i say big cats, i mean big cats like this. it's not surprised this video is trending right now. how much do you see this? hi, big kitty. >> that's a lion getting a bath. we believe the video was taken in yemen. shakes it off like a dog or cat, but it's a lion. >> one that could eat you. he's like, no big deal. >> can you imagine that as your job. kiss your husband good-bye, have fun cleaning the lions! >> hello. >> this animal likes the water too. this is daisy, and daisy is the
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dog of one of our editors, alex. alex and his brother went to west clear creek in the gnanatil forest in arizona, and as you can see, it's beautiful. >> gorgeous. >> i want to go to west clear creek. elsewhere in arizona, it's 100 degrees, and this is cooler. >> you can tell the dog likes the water. not coaxing it in, but getting in and swimming. >> the dog looks like a wolf, that's fun to have, scaring the heck of anyone who tries to break into your house. >> alex tried to tell me it's a wolf. it's not. it's a husky shepherd mix of some sort. the 3 -year-old who was caught sneaking donuts. >> somebody took it out. >> yeah, who? >> daddy.
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dirty, can't catch him riding
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dirty. yesterday i brought you guys this adorable video. how could you forget this adorable little face? this is tiffany. >> so what did you do wrong? >> nothing. >> the mom is behind the camera realized that tiffany got into the donuts. >> were you supposed to get a donut? >> no. >> tiffany has a story about the donuts and where they came from. >> it was in there. somebody took it out. >> yeah. >> who? >> it was daddy. >> daddy's not here. >> mom called her out on that, and then -- >> miles got it out. >> blames her brother miles. >> not telling the truth, and she's so cute, you want to believe her. >> we have the mom, tiffany, dad, and brother miles. welcome to the show. we want to know, first and foremost, did you steal this donut? >> does she make up stories all
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the time, a big story teller? >> yes. >> what happened was -- >> that was her. >> how did you keep a straight face recording this? >> there was a moment where i almost -- i remember what she said, threw up her hands, and she smirked, and i was like, oh, lord, please, doesn't let me break. so cute, i love her, but i had concern because she would run, like, over me, and i'm already wrapped around her pinky. >> i didn't believe it. she filmed it. >> it was daddy. >> that's what this was to prove my daughter was throwing me under the bus. >> were you surprised how much attention this video is getting? >> i knew it was a special video, i really did. did you have a donut? >> no. i shared it with my family and
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friends on facebook, and then it was, like, my cell phone and facebook was blowing up. >> tiffany, you're a big superstar now. everybody's watching your video. is there anything you would like to say to people? >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> perfect, you're very welcome. >> i shared the video on twitter and krispy kreme sent her a donut. >> oh, that's nice. that's it for us here at rtm. that's it for us here at rtm. we'll see you next time.
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